Whether your marketing plan calls for large scale, signature events or one-on-one meetings Comer Consulting can help you execute the strategies and tactics that will grow your affluent client base.

  • Develop your marketing strategy.We will work together to develop a winning strategy for acquiring and providing a Carriage Trade Experienceto your target clients.
  • Implement your strategy.Comer Consulting can get you in front of your target clients using events, public relations, speeches, brochures and proposals that will educate, entertain and excite your prospects and lead them to action.
  • Training.Building your expertise and confidence in the areas of prospect identification, client service, marketing and financial advice is something we excel at. And we can train your staff too.
  • Writing.  We write newsletters, brochures, presentations, white papers for our clients to deliver.  We also write articles, press releases and key messages for your firm.
  • Coaching. Comer Consulting will provide the ongoing support you need to succeed. We'll be there to ensure that you stay on course and achieve the success you desire.
  • Analyzing results. We will help you build systems to determine which tactics are working the best for you and your clients.

Comer Consulting will help you implement your strategy through productive and efficient tactics. You can select from our detailed menu of services, a sampling of which include:

  • Organizing events that appeal to the market you have selected.
  • Developing seminars
  • Developing speeches for larger audiences
  • Preparing brochures to provide a lasting reminder of your specialty
  • Ghost-writing articles for local publication
  • Writing bullet points for your client meetings
  • And much, much more. 

Consulting and Coaching Services      Speaking


Marketing Services

to help successful

financial  advisors

provide a

Carriage Trade Experience

for their clients

America Saves Week 2013


The Purposeful Planning Institute has asked John to discuss Anticipating Client Life Events on May 21 at noon Eastern. To join The Purposeful Planning Institute or inquire about the discussion, send a note to: info@purposefulplanninginstitute.com






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