Introducing RainmakerDNA

Posted 08/30/2011 by John Comer

For 8 years, Comer Consulting has helped financial advisors refine their brand so more ideal clients are willing to have a conversation (get prospects in the door).  We have now found an expert performance system that will allow us to help you make the most of those conversations (eliminate follow-up-itis), RainmakerDNA.

RainmakerDNA helps advisors understand the client favored process for decision making and helps advisors become expert facilitators of decisions.  Advisors skilled in rainmaking guide their clients to understand their pain points: what the client wants to accomplish, fix or avoid.  They are skilled in gaining commitment from clients to eliminate those pain points and to eliminate follow up conversations by making decisions with the right information.

John Comer has been accredited by RainmakerDNA.  He can help financial advisors diagnose their DNA for rainmaking, help them treat their unsupportive beliefs and mitigate their symptoms of skill deficiency.

Join us September 14 to learn about the Evolution of the Advisor Rainmaker.

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