When is the last time you had a Check-Up of your RainmakerDNA?  You can examine what it takes today to successfully cultivate, establish and maintain client relationships over time. RainmakerDNA offers a simple, proven way to analyze your RainmakerDNA with The Check-Up for Financial Advisors™.  The only consultative, skills-based assessment of its kind, The Check-Up provides a diagnosis of:

QUALITIES – Three critical elements are the framework for what an advisor does, says, believes and behaves. Qualities are natural advantages, and, as such, are not teachable.

SKILLS – Consultative skills are “vital organs” for the financial advisor. If they are impaired, it’s like having a defective heart or only one lung. That’s why this DNA analysis detects the presence of twelve hidden conditions that can cause serious performance gaps. Skills can be learned, once the hidden conditions have been treated.

BELIEFS – Supportive beliefs … about client interactions - how clients behave and why they do what they do … are more effective in equipping a financial advisor for success than all the training, scripts or success stories put together. This assessment includes a section to identify twenty-three beliefs and whether each one is supportive or non-supportive.

PROCESS – Today’s financial advisor must be an expert facilitator of decision making. The Check-Up examines the steps in your current process and identifies which ones are missing. It helps the advisor understand the decision making process from a client’s perspective – what seven steps, and in what order, do clients prefer?

How does it work?

The online assessment (45 questions) generates a comprehensive report (15-20 pages) of your qualities, skills, current process and beliefs. The Check- Up Reconditioning Lab Report is available immediately after you complete the activity.

How does it help?

The Check-Up is an assessment of your RainmakerDNA and it is used by people in several ways.  One outcome of the assessment is to identify effective Treatment through a Clinic.  Group Clinics focus on changing behavior by enhancing skills, creating supportive beliefs and learning the Client Favored Decision Making Process.

EXPERIENCED FINANCIAL ADVISORS use the Check-Up to recondition their skills.  After completing the Clinic, experienced advisors have reduced follow up tasks, increased the commitment of their clients, increased their success with target clients and reduced their sales cycle.

NEW FINANCIAL ADVISORS use the Check-Up to uncover knowledge gaps so they can more quickly become the most effective rainmaker possible.

HIRING MANAGERS use the Check-Up as an X-Ray to help them assess the rainmaker potential of candidates.

MANAGERS OF FINANCIAL ADVISOR TEAMS use the Check-Up assess their advisors as a group.  The Check-Up will indicate the advisors who have the highest potential and any Treatment will be most effective with this group.

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