Creating a Carriage Trade Experience

At Comer Consulting, we help financial advisors create a Carriage Trade Experience. The term "carriage trade" dates back to the days of horse and buggy.  Shop owners began serving their best customers by going out to the carriages rather than requiring the customers to come into the stores. Like those shop owners who found ways to provide an extra level of service, today's advisors need to provide extra value for their best clients. Today's advisors need to find a way to meet their best clients at the curb.  We define that level of service as the Carriage Trade Experience. 

Strategic & Tactical

Through a broad range of strategic and tactical services we help advisors refine their client experience.  The Carriage Trade Experience is not about fitting a mold.  Each advisor's practice is already distinct from all others; we help you identify those characteristics that make your practice an individual practice. 

Discover Strengths

Each advisor has different strengths, weaknesses and preferences.  It is the way you combine each of those characteristics that creates your Carriage Trade Experience.

Identify Prospects

Comer Consulting can help you identify who to contact, how to get their attention and what to say to them. Contact Comer Consulting to get started.

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